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Pre/Post treatment information

Pre/Post treatment instructions – for services requiring spraying or misting premises.

While the chemicals used (residual synthetic pyrethrins) are safe and approved for the intended use, precautions are necessary during application and until the treated area is dry.



•  Remove pets to safe area away from the house

•  Close all windows

•  Avoid approaching the technician during the treatment

•  You may brush or wash down external areas to remove any webs prior to treatment


•  Remove or cover all fish tanks and turn off filters

•  Remove birds, cats, dogs and other pets from the premises

•  Cover or put away food, fruit bowls etc

•  Clear and wipe down window sills/frames

•  Cover or put away utensils, knife blocks, toothbrushes etc

•  Cover or put away (or wash following treatment) any plates, glasses, cups etc  that are not in cupboards or closed storage units

•  Cover pillows on beds, e.g. pull up duvets or cover with towels etc that can be washed following treatment

•  Cover or put away any toys that young children may put in their mouths


•  Do not enter premises for 3 hours after interior treatment completed

•  Open doors and windows to ventilate thoroughly

•  Sweep/vacuum up any dead insects

•  Wipe down all food preparation surfaces

•  For fleas, avoid vacuuming for at least 7 days

Some recommendations for non-chemical management of spider control.  These will support any chemical methods used.

•  Vacuum up spiders, webs and egg sacks if seen indoors

•  Move and dust regularly under and behind furniture, in corners of rooms and behind wall hangings

•  Eliminate other household pests that spiders prey on e.g. ants, cockroaches and flies

•  Keep likely spider harborage areas as dry as possible

•  Outside, clean up wood piles, rubbish, compost and any other debris especially around the foundations where spiders live

•  Seal any cracks and crevices around windows and doors

•  Hose (and/or brush) down the outside walls using a pressure fitting to remove egg sacs, webs and spiders.  We recommend this is done before any chemical treatment.